What day is rubbish day in the Village?

Every day is rubbish day in Abthi.... Oh, you mean when do they collect the dustbins? They're collected on Friday mornings, and the Wombles come round for the recycleable rubbish boxes on Mondays at about mid-day. Unless there is a Bank Holiday, then it's usually Tuesday but it might be Wednesday or not till the following week.

Note that Abthite has a strict rubbish-separation policy:

The Village Pond has made a special request that the Denizens of Abthite should not deposit old bedsteads in him except by appointment. The District Council will send a lorry to collect large items for disposal. Sometimes it takes a while for them actually to find the village, mind you, since it is

well, it's not that easy to locate. It's


it's on the B5678. Near The Netheringhamptons and Darrington, if that's any help. Up the road from Tersham.

Why don't you ask someone else where it is?

There is a Village *Zombie*?
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Where is the Village of Abthite?

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