Is Abthite involved in the Town Twinning project?

Yes, in spite of their natural and longstanding suspicion of all things Furrin (ie more than five miles away) and in particular of the French, the Village of Abthite has a twin-town, or rather twin-village, the Southern American village of Reversed Foot (cf Wounded Knee etc.) The inhabitants of this village are descendents of the once-mighty Litotes tribe, and are thus strange enough for the Denizens of Abthite to feel comfortable about them, whilst at the same time having an almost English air of understatement.

Above Reversed Foot rises the highly scenic Iambic Range, whose tallest peak, an extinct volcano called Mount Onomatopoeia, is home to the Dragon Amphibract. Within the crater of Mount Onomatopoeia is Lake Spondee, which is deep and dark. From that chasm also springs the fountain of the mighty caesura, intermittently spouting from the deep chaos below, as if heaved up by the earth itself, from which in turn the River Trochee flows in a deep chiasmus past Reversed Foot and onto the Anapaestic Plain below, on which roam the few remaining specimens of that endangered species, the Dactyl (dactylus ferox). The Trochee finally reaches the sea at Bathos Spa, a settlement originally occupied by refugees from the inundated island of San Seriffe.

The Anapaestic Plain is truly awesome in its extent, measuring some 500,000 square hexameters. Most of that area is arid desert, inhabited only by a tribe of hardy desert nomads, the Al-caics.

South of the Anapaestic Plain lies the rather more hospitable district of Rondeau, a land of pleasant pastures where new-born iambs frolic among the triolets. Rondeau is home to the Haiku, short in stature but capable of exceptional concentration. The first Westerner to encounter this remarkable people was the Duke of Ottava Rima, in 1603. It was the Duke who first introduced the game of baseball to the Haiku, little knowing that, four centuries later, it would become an obsession that rules their every waking moment. This obsession is at its most virulent in early September, during the inter-tribal contest known as the Hyperbole.

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