...the village that thinks it's a newsgroup.

For information about the works of Tom Holt, such as you might expect to find in a newsgroup called alt.books.tom-holt, we recommend you to go and have a look at Nick Boalch's FAQ that is actually something to do with Tom Holt.

If however you are interested in the idea of a virtual village with an assortment of inhabitants who are not all as they seem, from the Squoire right down to the youngest woodlouse, you are probably in the right place.

Here are some options to help you make up your mind about us.

For students of the Arts and particularly poetry, we have The Welcome poems
For Geographers, there is The map
Anthropologists may prefer to go directly to The Question and Answer Section
Ramblers and Tourists may like to read The Guide
And for those who are for some reason interested in science and in particular in engineering, we advise earwigs.org

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